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Shifting Focus

Shifting Focus 0

I remember the first time I experienced heartache. In the grand scheme of life, it seems so insignificant, but that moment has gripped me and rules my thoughts. I was in 3rd grade and I was publicly shamed by a classmate during gym class.
  • Olivia Peitsch
A Grandparent's Greatest Challenge

A Grandparent's Greatest Challenge 0

People have a propensity to complain about the youth of today. Throughout history, one can easily find moanings and groanings about these young people and how their attitudes and actions are destroying the very moral fiber of our country. We tend to recall our time of adolescence as a wonderful time of innocence and wonder...
  • Customer Service
5 Ways to Care for Your Pastor

5 Ways to Care for Your Pastor 4

Your pastor has real struggles just like you, but unlike you, their every move is watched and monitored. Their words are examined and critiqued. They are judged more harshly by the world, and unfortunately, by the very people in their church. This can lead to isolation, bitterness, doubt, lack of confidence, and a drained spiritual well. 
  • Olivia Peitsch