Discovering Christ in the Song of Solomon

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Author Don Fortner

ISBN 9780852345818

Pages 254

Don Fortner sees the Song of Solomon as a book of loves; a love story between Christ and the church. He contends that it is a book about fellowship and communion with Christ - a love story that will instruct, inspire and motivate believers to walk deeper paths of spiritual communion.

An excellent companion book to the same author's 'Discovering Christ in Ruth'.

The author quotes John Gill who wrote, 'The whole Song is figurative and allegorical; expressing, in a variety of lively metaphors, the love, union, and communion between Christ and his church; setting forth the several different frames, cases, and circumstances of believers in this life.'

Don Fortner is pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Danville, Kentucky, USA, and is the author of several books published by Evangelical Press.