Fish - The Call of the Master Fisher

$ 10.00

Author Roger S. Greenway

ISBN 9780615416571

Pages 92

The thesis of this book is that fishing is a paradigm of Christian evangelism and missions.  Just as Jesus' parables are often called "earthly stories with heavenly meanings," the author regards biblical events involving fishing as "stories with evangelistic meaning."   In this book, Greenway shares both his passion for fishing and his passion for "fishing for men." He tells his own "fish" stories, all of them true of course, from his own experiences fishing for fish and fishing for men. These stories, along with Jesus' own fishing experiences, are used to encourage Christians to make testifying for Jesus their mission in life.  The title of the book is an imperative, Fish! Each of the twenty short chapters closes with questions for individual reflection, group discussion, and personal response.  Accountability questions keep readers "on the hook," confronting them personally with the call of Jesus. This 92 page book makes an excellent study guide for churches wanting to encourage their members to be "fishers of men, women, and children" in their own backyards.

Dr. Roger Greenway has spent most of his life in Christian missions.  Beginning in Sri Lanka, later in Mexico and other parts of Latin America, he has been used by the Lord to bring the Gospel message around the world. He has also held administrative positions of global scope and has taught missions as a Professor of Missiology at Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia, PA) and at Calvin Theological Seminary (Grand Rapids, MI).  Greenway has published more than a dozen books, most recently, Go and Make Disciples (P&R Publishing), which is available in twelve languages.