$ 9.95

Author Hannah Hoffmeister

ISBN 9780989146289

Pages 240

In the conclusion of the Dream Ring Series, Ava is back at her beloved Neptune school for her final year. Along with classes at Dream Ring, Ava attends the Finishing School on Uranus to prepare for her future. Already a strong, brave teenager, Ava becomes a more confident leader at the Finishing School. The year comes with adventures at the Ocean, senior class traditions, and a shopping trip that exceeds even Ava's expectations. However, an emergency involving Fawn and a close call at the Finishing School are experiences that truly test a hero. Does Ava's desire for adventure put her friends in jeopardy?

Hannah Hoffmeister lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her family. Writing is only part of what she does in her spare time. She also enjoys gardening and is a pitcher on two softball teams, as well as being an avid reader! Hannah juggles writing and editing books with the homework and social life of a regular teenager; its not easy, but she loves it! Hannah also likes to hang out with her friends, jogging or riding her bike. She is a big fan of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team; she watches as many games as she can! Having been a writer since she was four; Hannah has written many stories, ranging from historical fiction to mysteries to the fantasy series being published now: The Dream Ring Series. She is very glad to have the opportunity to share her writing with others.