WCS Jonah - Preacher on the Run

$ 13.99

Welwyn Commentary Series

Author Gordon J Keddie

ISBN 9780852342312

Pages 176

The historical story of Jonah tells an important lesson: God's grace is extended to the undeserving outside the church as well as inside. Jonah's reluctance to go is mirrored in many churches today but this book reminds us that no erroneous attitude and no distance should stand in the way of God's people doing God's work in God's power. His commands are to be obeyed and the result left to him. And while all the prophets of the Old Testament are milestones along the road to Calvary, the prophecy of Jonah opens a special window on the New Testament age, when the Lord Jesus Christ would be proclaimed to all the ends of the earth.

... commended for its solid and practical exposition ... this volume should be widely read.

Stephen DrayFormer principal, Moorlands College, Christchurch, England.

Gordon J. Keddie trained at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia USA, and is at present pastor of New Covenant Reformed Fellowship, State College, Pennsylvania. He has written several titles in the Welwyn Commentary Series.