Murder in Thin Air

$ 12.95

Author Richard Baldwin

ISBN 9780974292090

Pages 201

Dr. Janet Reid, a chemistry professor at Alma College and a champion hot air balloon pilot is murdered when her balloon, the Bagpiper, explodes over Battle Creek, Michigan. Lou Searing and Jack Kelly, with help from Maggie McMillan and Heather Moore, investigate the murder, involving a cast of suspects at Alma.

A resident of Haslett, MI - Rich Baldwin has published more than 20 books, including two children's books, a set of religious vignettes, several skits and the ""AARP Magazine - Swim Suit Edition"", under his own company Buttonwood Press. He is also a public speaker, addressing groups on the topic of ""How to Self Publish Your Own Book"" Prior to becoming a published author, he enjoyed a long and exciting career in special education, serving as a teacher, college professor and spending 20 years at the Michigan Department of Education where he was a consultant, supervisor and State Director of Special Education from 1990-97. Rich was born in Kalamazoo,MI; raised in Grand Haven, MI; and has graduate and post graduate degrees from Western Michigan University as well as a doctorate from Kansas University. Rich loves to spend time with his fans, and likes nothing better than meeting people when he is at book-signings and making appearances on promotional tours.