Nehemiah People

$ 15.99

$ 9.59

Author Paul Cuny

ISBN 9780998181561

Pages 162

Nehemiah People defines the sacred calling to bring God's divine order to all the spheres of culture outside the walls of the church house. In Nehemiah People, you will discover your purpose and destiny in society is on a much higher scale than you ever imagined. Through the life of Nehemiah of the Bible, this compelling book describes God’s positioning and development process for 21st Century men and women. You will begin to understand the challenges men and women with a Nehemiah type calling will most certainly face in our generation and practical solutions to those challenges.

 This book is filled with rich biblical insight and practical applications for the 21st Century context. Nehemiah People explains God’s endorsement process for those who will implement His solutions in this generation. One prominent European political leader recently said “The Book of Nehemiah is the clarion call for our generation!” Our world is in a desperate search for solutions. The men and women of our generation who have the heart and spirit of Nehemiah are the ones who will bring those God inspired solutions for business, government, medicine, military, education, and all spheres of society. Nehemiah People is a book that will give you permission to be who God made you to be without apology or excuse.

Paul Cuny is President of MarketPlace Leadership International, an organization helping men and women around the world grow in understanding the economic principles of the Bible. Paul’s background as an entrepreneur, investor, and business owner provides a platform from which to speak to leaders and professionals. He is also an ordained minister. Paul is an internationally recognized speaker on God’s principles of economics and leadership and has spoken at conferences and churches throughout Africa, Europe, South America, Central America and the US. His messages focus on the practical nature of the Kingdom Economy and God’s requirements for Kingdom leaders.