Nothing but the Truth

$ 19.99

Author  Brian Edwards

ISBN 9780852346143

Pages 512

First published in 1978, and in its fourth edition, Brian Edwards deals with so much in relation to the Bible: revelation, authority, inspiration and inerrancy, Jesus' view of the Old Testament, the Old and New Testament canons, textual criticism, the history of different translations, and biblical accuracy. One chapter gives a helpful overview of pretty much every recent translation. There is a strong concluding exhortation to be a consistent Christ-centred, bible-centred evangelical.

The author answers questions such as 'Who are the critics of the Bible and what are they saying?', 'What do we mean by Inspiration?', 'What does the Bible say about itself?', 'How sufficient and final is it?', 'Why have we just sixty-six books in the Bible?', 'How can we properly understand it?', 'When was it written and how did our English Bible come to us?', 'Where does archaeology reveal Bible accuracy?' and 'What about supposed errors/contradictions?'

Brian Edwards answers critics and refutes supposed contradictions, clearly showing that it is perfectly logical to believe the Bible. This book will give any reader added confidence in God's Word!

John Blanchard says, 'If I could pass a law compelling every Christian to buy a copy I would do so immediately!'

Brian Edwards was the pastor of an evangelical church in Surrey for thirty years before his current ministry of writing, lecturing and itinerant preaching. His major books published by EP include the biographies of John Newton and William Tyndale.