Reformed Worship

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Author Terry L Johnson

ISBN  9781783970391

Pages 117

Worship that is according to Scripture - revised and expanded

When the church assembles on the Lord’s Day, what is it supposed to do? Does Scripture instruct us? Does God provide directions? Or is it up to us? Is it left to ministers and “worship leaders” and worship committees to make things up as we go, settling on whatever they think might be edifying, or exciting, or neat? Thankfully, God has not left us to our own devices in this most vital of realms. Jesus says we “must” worship in “spirit and truth” (Jn 4:24). Correct worship is not optional: Scripture provides the details, that none should fail to worship with the “reverence and awe” of which God approves (Heb 12:28). Explore in this work what it means to worship God “according to Scripture.”

Terry Johnson was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. His home church was Baptist, his sport was baseball, and his favorite class was history. As an undergraduate at the University of Southern California, he continued to play baseball and study history. But he also began to grow spiritually and over time sense a call to the gospel ministry. This led to two years at Trinity College, Bristol, England (an Anglican theological college), two years at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, and ordination in the Presbyterian Church in America. After 5 years in Coral Gables, Florida as an assistant minister, Terry married the former Emily Billings, and within 6 months they moved to Savannah to take the call of the Independent Presbyterian Church, which they have served since 1987. Terry is the author/compiler of the Trinity Psalter and Leading in Worship, and author of The Case for Traditional Protestantism, Reformed Worship, and the trilogy, When Grace Comes Home, When Grace Transforms, and When Grace Comes Alive.