Seeing the Invisible

$ 10.99

Author Faith Cook

ISBN 9780852344071

Pages 160

First appearing as articles in Evangelical Times, Seeing the Invisible tells the stories of ten ordinary Christians who exercised extraordinary faith in their God. None of these individuals is a famous name in Christian history, but their faith in, and devotion to, Christ encourages and inspires us to exercise similar faith in the same powerful God who enabled them to 'endure as seeing him who is invisible'.

The original articles have been expanded to include more background material and further details from the lives of these believers.

My hope and prayer are that God may graciously use the inspiration of these ten lives... as we take a good look at the example of godly men and women, may their faithfulness instruct and inspire us.'

From the foreword by Derek Prime

Faith Cook was born in China, the daughter of OMF missionaries, and now lives in Derbyshire. She is married to Paul, who served as a pastor in churches in Northallerton, Shepshed and Hull. They have five children and ten grandchildren. She is also the author of Lives Turned Upside Down, The Nine-Day Queen of England, Our Hymn-writers and their Hymns, Seeing the Invisible and Under the Scaffold.