Shattered Shepherds: Finding Hope in the Midst of Ministry Disaster

$ 12.99

$ 8.00

Author Steve Swartz

ISBN 9781934952221

Shattered Shepherds offers biblical advice concerning ministry problems. It is especially helpful in dealing with the aftermath of a church leadership upheaval and ministry conflict. 

Frustration, disappointment, and heartache are inevitable in pastoral ministry. Sheep are not always docile and cooperative, and there are plenty of wolves to contend with as well. Every church has people who seem to think criticism is a spiritual gift, and the pastor naturally gets the brunt of their complaints. Young men frequently leave the ministry in discouragement, and burnout is common among experienced pastors. Steve Swartz has experienced—and survived—church problems that would demoralize any pastor. He has written a compact but potent book that offers a wealth of straightforward biblical help and encouragement for fellow pastors struggling to get past ministry setbacks. This is a much-needed resource, and I’m glad to be able to recommend it.

Dr. John MacArthur, President of The Master’s Seminary and Pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California