The Narrow Gate and the Heavenly Footman

$ 13.99

Author John Bunyan edited by Michael Daly

ISBN  9780852344828

Pages 144 (Hardback)

Michael Daly has brought into one volume two short, yet profound, works of John Bunyan.

By presenting these two titles together the reader is provided with two classic works by Bunyan dealing with the believer's journey to heaven. The essence of the author's style is not lost by sensitive editing allowing the modern reader to enjoy these Puritan gems.

In this unabridged and lightly edited volume, Christians are enabled to know:

What it means to gain access to heaven
The way of life that has as its culmination an eternity in heaven
What are the dangers, difficulties and discouragements along the road to heaven                                            
What a great reward awaits those who persevere to the end