This Little Church Omnibus Edition

$ 22.99

Author Gary Gilley

ISBN  9781783979742

Pages 672

Gary Gilley's three books in the This Little Church series have been widely commended and appreciated in the troubled world of the evangelical church of the 21st century.

Here is sound teaching and careful guidance, presented in a clear and accessible style.

This new edition brings all three volumes together in one.

Dr. Gary Gilley has been pastoring at Southern View Chapel in Springfield, Illinois, since 1975. He is author of five books, This Little Church Went to Market, This Little Church Stayed Home, ''I Just Wanted More Land,'' - Jabez, "Is That You Lord?" and This Little Church Had None.

He has also contributed to five other books, Reforming or Conforming, Biblical Sufficiency Applied, Practical Aspects of Pastoral Theology, Dispensationalism Tomorrow & Beyond, a Tribute to Charles Ryrie, and An Introduction to the New Covenant.

Pastor Gilley is a frequent speaker at Bible conferences in America and internationally. He also writes the study paper, Think on These Things which examines important contemporary theological issues and trends. He is a board member of Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission and the Personal Freedom Outreach, serves on the Board of Reference for New Tribes Missions and is the Book Review Editor for the Journal of Dispensational Theology.

In addition he is married (Marsha) has two sons (Ben and Brian) and five grandchildren.