Touchy Topics

$ 10.99

Author Melvin Tinker

ISBN 9781783971797

Pages 200

Finding answers to questions like the nature of God, his sovereign control in life, evil, and suffering, is what makes up a person's worldview. In this book, where faith is seeking understanding, these and other subjects are probed with care, sensitivity, and faithfulness to the truth of Scripture.
David F. Wells, Distinguished Research Professor, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Melvin Tinker is Senior Minister of St John, Newland, Hull. Previously he was chaplain to the University of Keele. His books include Why do bad things happen to good people?, Close Encounters and Alien Nation (Christian Focus), Reclaiming Genesis (Monarch), Intended for Good-The Providence of God (Inter Varsity Press) and What Do You Expect?: Ecclesiastes for Today, Salt, Light and Cities on Hills and A Lost God in a Lost World (EP Books).