Whatever Happened tp Manhood? - Study Guide

$ 9.95

Author Wayne Braudrick

ISBN 9781942614050

Pages 118

This volume is designed as a complimentary work to Whatever Happened to Manhood? A Return to Biblical Manhood by Wayne Braudrick

What does it mean to be a man in today’s world? What should it mean?

In a society that often sends mixed signals regarding roles, standards, perceptions, and expectations, Wayne Braudrick enthusiastically presents principles for understanding manhood from a biblical perspective. Braudrick positive presentation is a reminder to men and women that values have consequence and character counts!

Dr. Wayne Braudrick is the senior pastor of Frisco Bible Church in Frisco, Texas and host of All the Difference, a half-hour weekday radio program. He earned his Ph.D. (Prof.) through Middlesex University, London in 2005. Previously, he had attended Dallas Theological Seminary (M.A.B.S.) and Baylor University (B.A.). Wayne is an avid swimmer, a voracious reader, and goes fly fishing as often as he possibly can. He and his wife Janna have three children – Michael, Jessica, and Benjamin.