Who Do You Look Like?

$ 9.99

Author Dr. John DeVries

ISBN 9780988420236

Pages 288

Who are we?
Ball players and bakers?
Cooks and carpenters?
We identify ourselves by what we do...
Or by where we belong...
Or by what others say about us...
Or by our money, or our car, or our house, or our job.
Isn't there something wrong with identifying ourselves this way?
We feel insecure, worried depressed. We never are secure. We always need more. Could it be we are identifying ourselves in the wrong way?
Did you make yourself?
Read this book and discover the RIGHT way to look at yourself. Stop being worried and depressed! Be set free.

Dr. John DeVries is a pastor and the founder of two ministries:, Project Philip-a domestic discipleship and Bible distribution ministry, and Mission India-the largest and fastest growing missionary enterprise today in the nation of India. DeVries is the author of many books and Bible study materials that have been used around the world. He has actively trained church planters and pastors in many different countries and has initiated prayer movements in India's 28 states. John and his wife Atts live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.