Why 27?

$ 15.99

Author Brian Edwards

ISBN 9780852346501

Pages 256

How can we be sure that we have the right books in the New Testament?

In recent days the composition of the New Testament has again been questioned. From the false accusations found in The Da Vinci Code book and film and the widely reported Gospel according to Judas, Brian Edwards shows that there is a need for believers to know why there are only 27 books in the New Testament. He does this skilfully, asserting that the inclusion of these books was never really in doubt.

One of the greatest influences that forced the early church to identify the books of the New Testament canon was the spread of deviant cults in the first two centuries after the death and resurrection of Christ. The literature of these cults, more often than not claiming to be authentic sayings from the apostles, compelled the church leaders to establish the parameters for what properly belonged to the body of accepted literature - the New Testament canon.

Dr Joel Beeke suggests that this 'popular yet scholarly, polemical yet insightful 'Why 27?' is a tour de force, doing for the New Testament what his 'Nothing but the Truth' did for the inspiration and authority of Scripture....this book serves at once as a great evangelistic gift for unbelievers as well as to strengthen the faith and polemical skills of Christians....a timely book and makes for a fascinating read.'

Brian Edwards was the pastor of an evangelical church in Surrey for thirty years before his current ministry of writing, lecturing and itinerant preaching. His major books published by EP include the biographies of John Newton and William Tyndale.