Why Fear?

$ 9.99

Author Dr. John DeVries

ISBN 9780988420229

Pages 272

In this third book of John DeVries' easy to read devotionals,(see also Why Pray? and Why Give?) the author develops the six verses of Psalm 23 into 42 daily devotions. The comforting  themes of this very familiar psalm are presented in a fresh and relevant way targeting our fear-filled world. The book is divided into six  thematic sections; belonging, provision, restoraton, protection, victory, and security, and within  each section, Devries gives seven practical ways to daily apply and meditate upon each verse. Each daily meditation is followed by a reflection question to consider or discuss with others. There are  also six "wrap-up" exercises after every section that can be used for small-group discussions or family devotions around the kitchen table. This litle booklet is a perfect gift for people facing fearful times in their lives or even as an evangelism tool for churches and individual Christians who minister to broken and fear-filled people.

Dr. John DeVries is a pastor and the founder of two ministries:, Project Philip-a domestic discipleship and Bible distribution ministry, and Mission India-the largest and fastest growing missionary enterprise today in the nation of India. DeVries is the author of many books and Bible study materials that have been used around the world. He has actively trained church planters and pastors in many different countries and has initiated prayer movements in India's 28 states. John and his wife Atts live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.