Why Give?

$ 11.99

Author Dr. John DeVries

ISBN 9780978855178

Pages 272

Why Give? employs a powerful and gripping metaphor for giving-that God created us to be like rivers. Devries points out that the Bible begins in Genesis and ends in Revelation with a picture of a river.  "We are born again to be rivers" he explains, with life flowing in and out of us. Devries points out that our living and giving provides seven wonderful things to the world around us: the gift of Christ's presence, the power of Christ, the provisions of Christ,the perfection of Christ, the resurrection of Christ, the comfort of His eternal reign, and the comfort of Christ's return

In these 40 days of daily meditations, Devries also make the case that giving unlocks God's infinite resources.  If we give in order to get for ourselves, we succumb to the heretical "prosperity" doctrine.  Instead, Devries explains, we give in order to get in order to give even more!  The result of this kind of giving is joy-becoming more like God, experiencing sympathy for others, discovering God's infinite resources, feeling a renewed joy within, following Christ's example, connecting with the grace of God that inspires more giving and joy, and motivating others to give. 

Dr. John DeVries is a pastor and the founder of two ministries:, Project Philip-a domestic discipleship and Bible distribution ministry, and Mission India-the largest and fastest growing missionary enterprise today in the nation of India. DeVries is the author of many books and Bible study materials that have been used around the world. He has actively trained church planters and pastors in many different countries and has initiated prayer movements in India's 28 states. John and his wife Atts live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.